Warzone dev responds to console FOV slider demands in Pacific

Alex Garton
Warzone FOV slider

For Warzone console players, an FOV slider has been a dream feature since the game’s release and finally, a dev has responded to the demands and potentially dropped a hint.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 is on the cusp of releasing and players are gearing up for one of the biggest content drops in the game’s history.

With the Caldera map and Vanguard’s wide range of weapons set to be added to Warzone, it’s safe to say the community is on the edge of their seats and ready for December 8.

However, despite all of these exciting new additions, console players still only have one feature on their minds, and that’s an FOV slider.

Well, after taking to Twitter to answer questions from players, Warzone’s Creative Director addressed calls for an FOV slider and even pointed towards the upcoming patch notes.

Warzone Operator aiming weapon
Console players have called for a FOV slider since Warzone’s launch.

Warzone’s Creative Director addresses calls for FOV slider

On December 1, Warzone’s Creative Director took to Twitter to ask players whether they were excited about the upcoming Pacific update. During this time, they took the time to answer some questions and one of them involved the addition of a console FOV slider.

After being asked whether Warzone will ever add the heavily requested feature, the Creative Director acknowledged that as a console player themselves, they knew why the community was so desperate for a FOV slider and that they were listening to the player’s demands.

Not only that, but they also pointed towards the upcoming patch notes arriving on December 8, suggesting an FOV slider feature may be mentioned ahead of the major update.

While it’s possible the patch notes coming with the Pacific update could reveal a release date or even include a FOV slider feature for console, it’s likely that this won’t be the case.

However, with less than a week to wait before the community can dive down into Caldera, we’ll just have to wait and see what the update has to offer and whether there’s a surprise mention of a FOV slider.