Warzone player thanks developers after seeing their suggested change in patch notes

Ryan Lemay
Warzone Doomsday Station gameplay

Raven Software does a good job communicating with Warzone players and has taken their suggestions into account.

Season 5: Last Stand is the final major Warzone update of the Vanguard era and Activision has decided to go out with several callbacks in the last season, including weapons inspired by Advanced Warfare’s EM1 and Modern Warfare 2’s F2000.

Black Ops 2’s primary antagonist Raul Menendez highlights an all-star final cast of new operators, but Activision also pulled out all the stops adding several new gameplay features.

Rage Serum is a new field upgrade that grants “superior melee damage, increased lunge distance, and enhanced stun power while fighting with melee weapons or fists.”

Other added features for Season 5 include Supply Box UAV Killstreaks and a fan-requested Personal Supply Box.

Warzone Season five includes nod to player feedback

Warzone Season 5 gameplay
One of Warzone Season 5’s new weapons is a blast from the past.

Warzone player Butterflychunks pitched an idea: “instead of dropping generic loot, I think 1-2 items dropped by legendary crates should be items randomly selected from your personal loadouts.”

They claimed, “it would add value to looting crates, rather than flooding buy stations.”

Activision may have taken inspiration from the idea by adding Personal Supply Boxes in season five.

Personal Supply Boxes are “extremely rare crates” that reward favorited loadout weapons.

The community had a mixed reaction to the new feature.

One Warzone player argued, ” I think it would just be nice to have a more streamlined way to play the game without even touching a buy station if you didn’t want to.”

opposing that view, a second user stated, “What a step backward.”

Warzone players can’t reach a consensus on the new feature, but Raven Software is not afraid to try new ideas out and listen to the community.