All Warzone Season 5 new operators & weapons: EX1, BP50, Raul Menendez, more 

Raul in Warzone pacific Season 5Activision

Warzone’s fifth and final season, Last Stand, features the return of the EM1, infamous villain Raul Menendez, and more. Here are all the upcoming operators and weapons.

Warzone Season 5 marks the end of a groundbreaking two-year run for the memorable battle royale. Warzone 2 is rumored to launch on November 16.

Activision does not intend on bowing out without a bang, adding two iconic weapons and a familiar face from Black Ops 2 in Season 5.

Five weapons and four operators are coming in Warzone Season 5. Here’s everything you need to know.

F2000YouTube: WAR FeXiL
The F2000 assault rifle was deadly in Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone Last stand adds five new weapons and four operators

The official Call of Duty Twitter account posted a teaser video, saying, “legends never die – and that includes legendary villains.”

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In the video, Menendez drops a mysterious crate into a volcano, causing an eruption on Caldera. The iconic figure steps out of a helicopter wielding an EM1.

Activision’s blog post confirmed a Volcanic POI expansion, transforming Peak as lava now runs down the mountain.

Season 5 weapons list:

  • EX1 Energy Rifle (Launch)
  • Valois Revolver (Launch Window)
  • RA 225 SMG (Launch)
  • BP50 AR
  • Lienna 58 AR

Season 5 operators list:

  • Gabriel T. Rorke  (Ghosts)
  • He “Seraph” Zhen-Zhen (Black Ops)
  • Khaled Al-Asad  (Modern Warfare)
  • Raul Menendez (Black Ops)

Raul Menendez served as the main antagonist of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Allegedly, Menendez died while trying to escape Haiti, but Season 5 confirms the character’s return.

The EM1 received a makeover and a new name in Warzone Season 5; EX1. The EM1 was a unique Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare assault rifle using energy instead of ammunition. The powerful charge weapon has unlimited ammo but can overheat.

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Also coming at the launch of Season 5 is the RA 225 SMG. Activision describes the weapon as boasting a fast fire rate and being “great for objective play in tight areas.”

Releasing within the launch window, the Valois Revolver combines a knife and revolver in one deadly weapon. The BP50 and Lienna 57 AR launch in the midseason update.

Warzone season 5 launches on August 24 for all platforms.