Warzone player reveals Supply Drop trap that’s a hilarious “d**k move”

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific supply drop

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific brought the arrival of Supply Drop contracts and players are taking advantage of them for new shenanigans. In one clip, a player showed how you can turn an enemy’s crate into a rude booby trap.

As the timeless adage goes, “money makes the world go round.” And that’s no lie in Caldera, since Warzone players need big bucks for their loadouts and even more UAV money than they did in Verdansk.

The easiest way to secure a lot of cash and goodies in a little time is by using a Supply Drop contract. It drops a crate in a nearby location, allowing you to pick up money and items for free – perfect to get your economy rolling.

But enemies can see anyone’s Supply Drop location, as the landing zone is marked by green smoke. As Reddit’s ‘sir_ornery’ demonstrated, this knowledge can be capitalized on for a fatal trap.

Turning Warzone Supply Drops into lethal traps

In what sir_ornery is calling the “Drop goes boom trap,” they notice the green smoke of an enemy’s Supply Drop and pounce on the opportunity. Placing two Proximity Mines atop the smoking canister, they then move away to test the explosive ambush out.

Eventually, an enemy arrives by helicopter to claim their prize. And, with ornery watching, the wishful looter secures their crate – only to become instantly downed and killed, along with their chopper.

warzone supply drop contract
Players should be careful when picking up Supply Drop contracts.

The trap is a very effective one and is already striking fear into others’ hearts. One user sarcastically thanked ornery for revealing the tactic: “thank you, now I will be traumatized to get cash drops.”

But others appreciated the idea, calling it “genius” and, in a more colorful reaction: “a d**k move… I like it.”

With how relatively new Supply Drops are to Warzone, you can definitely pull this off before people start catching on. Just find some green smoke, plant the explosives, and go watch the suffering from afar.