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Warzone player proves Ghost perk isn’t actually working

Published: 28/Apr/2020 16:42

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players have long said that the Ghost perk is an absolute crutch in the battle royale title, but now it’s been shown that it’s even more powerful than believed – and perhaps more than intended.

Warzone players will mostly be familiar with the fact that, if your team calls in three UAVs all at once, you’ll get an Advanced UAV, which shows the location of every enemy on the map as well as the direction they’re moving in.

This is usually an expensive venture, with each UAV costing $4,000, so it’s often a strong monetary commitment when you’re losing money you could spend on armor plates, a loadout drop or even a fallen comrade.


The Advanced UAV can be unbelievably helpful in Warzone, but players have discovered a significant issue with the killstreak.

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It seems now, though, that players have discovered a serious issue that means your investment in an Advanced UAV might not even be worth it, and it’s all because of the Ghost perk not working as intended.

Not long ago, it was discovered that players using Ghost, despite being invisible to UAVs, were still visible on Heartbeat Sensors, despite being invisible on them in Modern Warfare multiplayer.

Now, it’s become apparent that Ghost users remain invisible to Advanced UAVs, with dohshow12 posting a screenshot to Reddit of his active Advanced UAV showing just six enemies – despite there being 13 other players on the map, not including his team.


Ghost does not appear on advanced UAV! PROOF! 15 alive minus me and teammate there is 13 alive. Only 6 directional triangles and no dots from r/CODWarzone

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The Ghost perk description clearly says that users will still be visible on Advanced UAVs but their direction will be hidden, though the screenshot provided shows that this isn’t the case at all.

This doesn’t seem to be working as Infinity Ward intended and appears to need a fix, if not a readjustment of the perk’s description in-game.

Whether or not the developers address this remains to be seen, but it definitely seems to be aggravating players, who will want some kind of explanation for the perk not working as intended.