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“Big-brain” Warzone trick is now ruining players’ Gulag duels

Published: 26/Apr/2020 22:37 Updated: 27/Apr/2020 9:44

by Theo Salaun


The infamous Warzone spray trick has officially gone full circle, with players now suffering the consequences for getting too cute in their Gulag 1v1s.

Back in April, a sneaky Warzone trick began making the rounds across the internet: you spray a soldier on the wall and wait for your opponent to begin aiming at it before popping up and securing the easy kill against a distracted foe.

The spray, which features a soldier with gun in hand, was released as part of Modern Warfare’s Season 3 update. It quickly became popular for laying traps, both in the subterranean Gulag and far aboveground.

How are people still falling for this lol the best spray ever! from CODWarzone


Even with this strategy being in use for weeks, people have still been falling for it. Within just the past week, Reddit clips have popped up showing unaware opponents shooting blindly at the wall graffiti. In one particularly egregious example, shown above, Infinity Ward was prompted to reply: “Working as intended!”

But, at long last, we appear to have reached the finish line for this silliness. 

Going full circle, players who set the trap have now become the victims of their own devices. In the best example yet, Redditor ‘blitzkriegjro23’ saw the spray and quickly changed course, flanking around and easily killing the crouched, waiting trickster.

Sorry guy, I use this subreddit too. from CODWarzone


He was kind enough to apologize in the clip’s title, though: “Sorry guy, I use this subreddit too.”

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The problem with pulling off the spray maneuver is obvious enough, as you need to sit there in silence so as not to tip off your existence to your opponent. And, since you need to be hidden and facing the wall art to get the kill once someone gets distracted by it, your positioning options are limited.

This benefits player who are aware and well versed in the tactics that become popular across CoD’s various internet communities. 

The two realistic sprays that were released during the Season 3 update.


Those combatants can see a static, miniature soldier against the wall and either flank so that they snag the first shot (or flashy finishing move) on the hidden, patient artist or, more annoyingly, just hang out in the middle and secure the flag.

Winning in the Gulag can feel like an art form, but players should now be careful of bringing art to their duels.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War already set new Call of Duty player record in the Beta

Published: 23/Oct/2020 6:20

by Brad Norton


The Call of Duty franchise is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon as Treyarch’s recent Black Ops Cold War Beta went above expectations and shattered records.

Ever since the release of the first CoD title in 2003, the franchise has only continued to grow. Year after year more players hop on board to see what the latest title has in store. Whether fans gravitate towards single-player campaigns, cooperative experiences, or classic multiplayer competition, there’s something for everyone.

2020 is shaping up to be no different as Treyarch is firing on all cylinders for the Black Ops Cold War release. Everything from Zombies to Warzone will be on offer and it’s already clear that the community is hungry for it all.

After an impressive Alpha test on the PlayStation 4 that became the biggest in franchise history, that record has once again been broken. This time, by the Black Ops Cold War Beta that followed just weeks later.

Having kicked off exclusively for PS4 users on October 8 before jumping to all platforms on October 15, the Black Ops Cold War Beta was played by a staggering number of people. In fact, it was “the most downloaded [Beta] in Call of Duty history,” the developers revealed on October 23.

No exact figures were revealed for the history Beta. Though it being publicly available across Xbox One, PS4, and PC over the final days was sure to have helped boost the figures.

Not only is this a hugely positive sign before the launch of Black Ops Cold War, but it continues a trend from previous iterations. 2019’s Modern Warfare also broke records with its early access Beta period. 

Last year’s records also didn’t come with any specific numbers, though Activision assured the Modern Warfare Beta attracted more players than ever before.

Also of note, those players logged more hours played than any Beta in franchise history. It’s now clear that Black Ops Cold War has been yet another step up in terms of early engagement.

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
The Black Ops Cold War Beta was live across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

It’s obviously too early to tell just how this might indicate sales for the release come November 13. However, to get into the Beta early, a majority of players needed to preorder on their platform of choice. So that’s certainly a good sign just weeks out from launch.

2019’s Modern Warfare topped over $600 million in sales across its first three days on the market. That instantly made it the highest-selling CoD of the generation. Though Black Ops Cold War could be on track to go even further this year.