Warzone players lash out over “broken” melee damage

Brad Norton
Infinity Ward

Warzone’s melee damage has come under fire as players pinpoint “broken” discrepancies that could knock armored enemies down in just two hits.

With 150 players dropping into Verdansk, it can be quite easy to get in close proximity with enemy squads. While SMGs and Shotguns should be the go-to tools for close-quarters combat, “broken” melee damage stands out in Warzone.

There are a number of ways to inflict melee damage in the battle royale. From Riot Shield hits to unarmed punches. However, there’s a wild variation in damage that has some players calling for a major balance update.

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Infinity Ward
Hitting an enemy with the butt of your gun could be the fastest way to get a kill in Warzone.

You may have noticed that meleeing has become more and more prominent throughout Season 3 of Warzone. There’s a good reason for the surge in popularity, as players have uncovered that it can often be more effective than any weapon from up close. 

Hitting a fully armored enemy will only take two successive gun melee attacks. Even a fast-firing SMG from point-blank range can’t compete with that lightning-quick melee speed, as competitive Call of Duty icon Seth ‘Scump’ Abner found out the hard way during a June 2 stream.

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It can often be more beneficial to prioritize closing the gap instead of finding early-game loot. “Melee is absolutely broken,” one player said. “More times than not, you can rush and melee twice before they can get off enough shots to down you.”

However, melee damage differs greatly across the board. It takes two melee hits with a weapon to down an armored opponent in Verdansk. Yet in the Gulag, it also takes two hits with a weapon to kill an unarmored enemy.

There’s no explanation as to why melee damage is so steep to begin with. Nor why it varies in different circumstances. If you’re wielding a Riot Shield or approaching an enemy unarmed, it could even take up to five melee hits to down them. Even some designated melee weapons such as the Knife, still take two hits. 

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Should two melee hits with a weapon be enough to down a fully armored enemy? Why is damage the same with a random weapon than it is with a dedicated melee tool? These are all questions the community has been pondering of late and thus far, Infinity Ward is yet to respond.

With Season 4 delayed, perhaps a sweep of balance changes will come with the next major update. Until then, be wary of enemies getting up close. You could be knocked down in the blink of an eye.