Warzone & Overwatch crossover: New CoD Blueprint inspired by Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball Warzone Overwatch weaponActivision/Blizzard

Call of Duty and Overwatch seem to be finally crossing over in the form of a new Warzone weapon blueprint that contains many references to the tank hero Wrecking Ball.

Activision-Blizzard rarely crossover outside of their own games. While many Overwatch skins are inspired by WoW, Diablo and StarCraft, none reference Activision’s flagship shooter Call of Duty.

By the same token, while CoD has crossed over with many movie properties such as Rambo and even Donnie Darko, they haven’t done anything related to Overwatch. That is, until now.

As fans of both games have realized, a MG42 weapon blueprint dubbed ‘Wrecking Ball’ looks like it’s greatly inspired by the Overwatch hero of the same name.

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CoD Warzone and Overwatch crossover

Posted by Redditor House_of_Vines, the new weapon blueprint ‘Wrecking Ball’ contains quite a few references to Overwatch’s hamster hero and the design of his mech.

The word ‘HAM’ is found on both his mech and the gun, along with the number ‘8’ on the drum which is a reference to the hero’s original designation of Specimen 8.

Considering the colors, symbols, and names, fans were easily able to put together that the two are connected.

Wrecking Ball swings inBlizzard
Wrecking Ball and Warzone? Cool.

“The crossover I never knew I needed,” one pleasantly surprised player wrote.

While the crossover between the two franchises is certainly unexpected, it does beg an interesting question: will we see more tie-ins with the two games? We’ll to wait and see what the future holds.

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