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NICKMERCS reveals secret Warzone attachment to improve recoil

Published: 5/Nov/2020 16:50

by Jacob Hale


Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed his new CR-56 AMAX loadout for Warzone, and with it, a certain attachment that he believes helps control recoil even better than ever before.

For the most part, we all have our loadouts that we’re fairly comfortable with and tend not to change things up much.

If recent stats are anything to go by, there’s a high chance you use an assault rifle such as the Kilo 141 with a Commando Foregrip, extended mag, a suppressor and, perhaps most importantly, the VLK 3.0x Optic, which will be seen on almost all AR builds.

It’s hard to argue that the VLK optic isn’t one of the most integral parts of any primary Warzone loadout, allowing you to take medium to long-range engagements which can be so important in Verdansk — but it can be improved upon with a certain reticle, and we’re not talking about the Blue Dot.

VLK optic Warzone Modern Warfare
The VLK optic is a necessity in Warzone — but this reticle could make it even better.

Warzone reticle to reduce recoil?

Now, while Nick uses this on his AMAX, it goes without saying that this could help you on any weapon that you use an ACOG sight, especially if you’re trying to minimize recoil even further.

The one change Nick says can help with this is by switching from the default VLK reticle to the T Pose, which looks more similar to a standard sniper crosshair, with straight lines placed vertically and horizontally across the scope.

This is especially helpful on weapons like the CR-56 AMAX, of which recoil is one of the main drawbacks, but could really be used on any assault rifle or LMG to help you improve your recoil control slightly.

How to unlock the T Pose reticle

The T Pose reticle isn’t exactly easy to unlock, especially if you only play Warzone and not regular Modern Warfare multiplayer, and will be a grind — which probably suggests it’s worth unlocking.

Here are the steps for all ACOG reticle unlocks:

  • Cross Dot: 200 kills using Scout Combat optic
  • Angle Eye: 50 headshots using Scout Combat optic
  • T Pose: 200 kills using the VLK optic
  • Double Cross: 50 headshots using the VLK optic
  • Green Cross: 200 kills using Cronen C480 Pro
  • Redeye: 50 headshots using Cronen C480 Pro
  • Blue V: 50x Three-Streak using any ACOG

For each unlock, you have to complete the previous challenge. So, to unlock T Pose, you need to get 200 kills and 50 headshots using the Scout Combat optic, then get your 200 VLK kills.

Whether it helps you control recoil better remains to be seen, but it’s definitely worth having a try, because any advantage is a good one.

Call of Duty

Envoy explains why SMGs “are not viable” in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 26/Nov/2020 7:25

by Brad Norton


Black Ops Cold War may have some strong Submachine Guns, but OpTic Chicago’s Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon believes Assault Rifles are absolutely dominant when it comes to competitive play.

Treyarch’s latest release has barely been out for a few weeks but a meta is already forming. As Call of Duty League teams get valuable practice time in, and dozens of early tournaments set the tone, a trend seems to have emerged.

2019’s Modern Warfare featured a solid mix of SMGs and ARs throughout the year. However, Black Ops Cold War is all but dominated by ARs, according to both Envoy and OpTic teammate Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

While scrimming Atlanta FaZe and a few other CDL teams, they “were getting bodied,” due to the AR dominance. “The subs are not viable in this game at all,” Envoy followed up.

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
Could SMGs be struggling to keep up all year in Black Ops Cold War? Envoy certainly thinks so.

As the primary SMG user on the team, Envoy is the one that will be sticking to the class for essentially every single map. Previous years have featured various mixes of roles, though this year appears to be leaning towards a three-to-one split: Three players running with ARs, and just one with an SMG in-hand.

“On certain maps it’s like three (ARs) and one sub on each team,” Scump explained. However, certain teams are even going a step beyond that due to the sheer power of ARs in Black Ops Cold War.

“We ran into New York and they ran four AK74’s on Moscow,” Envoy said. “I was mind blown. I feel like subs are just harder in this game. We switched to the AK-74u and it’s a bit easier but the MP5 was just impossible.”

Obviously, it’s still early days. Things could change drastically before the start of the 2021 season. Balance updates are already coming through from Treyarch, so SMGs could get some love sooner than later. For the time being though, Black Ops Cold War has Envoy “wishing [he] had an AR.”

The relevant topic begins at the 1:41 mark below.

This isn’t entirely a result of weapon balancing either. There’s more that goes into shaping the meta than first meets the eye. “It’s part of the map design too,” Envoy explained. “How many [head glitches], how many open lanes, where the hills are at.” With four ARs, some objectives are “just unbreakable.”

There’s no date set in stone for the 2021 season just yet. Though we’ll be sure to keep you updated as the meta evolves in the lead-up to the next year of CDL action.