Warzone hacker claims cheaters are in almost every match

Joe Craven

A Warzone player who tried out cheats has claimed that “every match” is burdened with hackers, following a brief investigation they carried out.

Hacking in Warzone has been a recurring issue. Regular updates from Infinity Ward tempered community frustrations, as it seemed like the developers were taking a hardline towards any and all cheaters.

However, recent weeks have seen more and more players complaining about the prevalence of hackers, including a host of prominent content creators. It has also been some time since we got an official update from Activision about the measures they are taking, and the number of people who have been banned.

warzone hackers
Warzone hacking has become frustratingly common.

On July 3, Redditor ‘Questioned_Kadavr‘ shared a story, claiming that they and some friends had paid for hacks in Warzone, in order to carry out an investigation into cheating.

The Reddit user said: “So after match after match of frustration and being dumped on by hackers my squad mate had an idea. He performed a quick google search, found the site and got the common $12 for 24 hour cheats for Warzone. The following is what we learned and what happened next.”

Kadavr was keen to point out that they set some ground rules in their games to try and minimize the extent to how much they ruined other people’s games, including agreements not to push other people, to only play in self-defense and to not win the games they were playing.

“We literally in 7 hours of straight match after match in Trios didn’t have a single game without hackers,” the Redditor claimed. “There was always 3-4 squads with at least 1 guy using wall [hacks]… It’s so insidious, you can see whether they are crouching, ADS, the direction they are facing, their exact distance in meters”.

They also claimed that it was incredibly easy to act like they were not hacking, claiming that they were never once accused of cheating, despite their fairly obvious exploitations of the game’s mechanics.

The Redditor summarized: “We hacked for research, [and] learned every match is full of wall hackers. Quitting the game until PS5 and no crossplay is an option for my squad. Game is broken, game is trash, game is infected and they aren’t doing a thing about it”.

Whether the Reddit user’s claims are true can’t be verified, but it’s clear that a host of players feel not enough is being done to combat cheating in Warzone.

Previously Infinity Ward required a mobile phone number to make a new account, making it more difficult for banned players to simply start again. But, a workaround for this has now been found by the cheaters, and they are apparently filling up lobbies again.