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Warzone hacking accuser somehow tricked into accusing himself of cheating

Published: 1/Oct/2021 18:38

by Jaret Kappelman


The Warzone community is filled with people that are working toward eliminating all the hackers from the game. One hacker accuser was tricked into accusing himself of cheating after looking at his own gameplay.

While cheaters run loose on the streets of Verdansk, there are some people that spend their days trying to find out which streamers are part of this treacherous group.

In the midst of BadBoy Beaman calling out Warzone player ZLaner for being a hacker, one person thought it would be a good idea to try and fool another Warzone accuser that thinks the streamer cheats.

This person sent a clip to a watchdog that seemed fine, but the accuser went ahead and claimed that this was further proof of ZLaner cheating. Little did he know the clip of ZLaner was actually his own gameplay.


ZLaner Warzone hacking accusations.
YouTube: ZLaner
ZLaner has been accused of hacking in Warzone.

Warzone hack accuser reviews own gameplay and calls cheats

One of Warzone’s watchdogs, Headdband, spends his days reviewing different clips of players and breaking down if they’re a hacker or not.

While the ZLaner hackusation drama was going on Headdband sent a tweet stating he has tons of evidence of the streamer cheating. Twitter user ‘corybeaver04’ wanted to play along and sent this clip to Headdband about how ZLaner’s aim locks onto people.

While the clip seems fine, when zoomed in the person was saying that it looks fishy. Headdband agreed but what he didn’t realize was this was his own gameplay.

In a since-deleted tweet, Headdband replied to the video and said, “What a d**ning clip. Great eye man. Not natural at all.” Accusing, what he thought was ZLaner of hacking, but in reality, calling himself out.


This had the community rolling, as a Warzone watchdog just accused themself of cheating. While Headdband deleted his initial reply calling the gameplay sketchy, he did go on to defend himself.

When another person commented on the clip saying there was nothing skeptical about it, Headdband replied saying he was obviously being sarcastic. He also added that he was manipulated and nothing was to be taken seriously.

There is no way to actually know if his comment was a joke but the community had some fun as they feel watchdogs are wasting their time and gameplay always looks weird when slowed down and zoomed in.