Warzone glitch sparks chaos by putting entire lobby on same team

Warzone Clash gameplayActivision

Warzone players are always looking to build the best squad possible but this unheard-of glitch made sure they didn’t have to look far, with some chaos along the way.  

The gears are in motion for Call of Duty’s battle royale to be bigger than ever. Forming an Avengers-style team in the Vanguard reveal event, players banded together for the greater good.

For the first time in Warzone history, there was unity among players as peace briefly set in across Verdansk as they battled against a train and bombers rather than each other.

The feeling of a strong alliance was just too much to pass up, as this player’s game decided to carry on the legacy. 

Warzone could be changed forever with a new map this November.

Task Force 141, assemble

Dropping into Verdansk never fails to get the blood pumping. Combining the thrill of the chase with the urge to survive, the scramble for a good location is consistently frantic. It doesn’t always have to be this way. Especially when everyone else has laid down their weapons. 

Warzone fan Devious was just preparing himself for a good old-fashioned shootout but the battle royale had other plans for the game instead.

Sending player communications into a scramble of nonsense, the entire lobby was confused. Surely this couldn’t be? 

Warzone had now created one of the biggest non-event teams in CoD history. The entire lobby was now at the same time, ushering in the era of peace one more. With no enemies to fight, all that could be done was blow up everyone’s headsets with laughter and bewilderment. 

One question remained: Who wins? 

The results of Devious’ game remain a mystery, for now at least. The thought of a collective dub sure sounds pretty epic.

No matter what the result, these players have now cemented themselves into one of Warzone’s most unique tales.