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Warzone FOV actually increases FPS on PC

Published: 14/Dec/2021 10:30

by James Busby


Warzone’s FOV slider on PC gives players a huge advantage without lowering the game’s FPS – an area that is incredibly important for those looking to secure dominant victories. 

The best FOV Warzone settings enable PC players to see more of the map, while also reducing the visual recoil on the game’s best weapons. As a result, having a higher FOV is a must for any player looking to increase their KD or survivability. 

This is obviously a huge advantage for PC Warzone players, especially since those on console can’t adjust this setting at all. To make matters even better, TrueGameData has discovered that higher FOV settings on PC actually increase FPS, while lower settings greatly decrease performance. 


Higher Warzone PC FOV settings aid performance

Warzone FOV showcase
Having a higher FOV in Warzone can give you a huge advantage.

“I assumed the performance hit would be too big to render more. The higher your FOV is, the more stuff is on the screen, obviously. I was assuming that [Raven Software] were having troubles hitting their FPS targets on consoles because consoles don’t have the hardware that PCs can have.”

However, when TrueGameData tested his theory, he found that setting his FOV to the highest setting actually increased his FPS. The YouTuber found an area on Caldera with a high density of objects, which ensured his PC was working hard to render all the onscreen visuals.   

Timestamp of 14:38

He then lowered his FOV and began to notice significant drops in his FPS. “I actually found that when you put FOV on 80, you get slightly less FPS,” explained the content creator. “I think it might be because you’re more zoomed in when you have lower FOV, and it might be rendering the stuff in the frame at higher quality, which means it’s taking even more performance.” 


This will obviously come as a surprise to many PC Warzone players, so if you’re currently playing on 80 FOV and wish to increase your FPS, then we’d recommend increasing your FOV even further. To get the best Warzone FOV settings, be sure to check out our handy guide