Warzone fans obsessing over CoD’s new Attack on Titan “Armored Titan” bundle

call of duty vanguard warzone attack on titan armored titan bundleActivision / Funimation

After Call of Duty’s disappointing first attempt at an Attack on Titan bundle, the studios seem to have righted their wrongs. A new AoT “Armored Titan” bundle released in Vanguard and Warzone fans are desperate for its release.

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular animes in the world at the moment and CoD has matched that passion by bringing the series to the FPS franchise. Unfortunately, the first attempt – a Captain Levi skin – was flamed for being a “dollar-store” costume.

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Conversely, though, the developers seem to have fortunately taken that feedback in stride. Players were excited when leakers showed off a potential “Armored Titan” skin that looked much closer to the anime and those leaks have come true.

In a February 10 update, Vanguard officially added the Armored Titan Operator skin and weapon to the game. Seeing the new content officially, Warzone fans are hungry to get their hands on it.

Call of Duty adds new Attack on Titan “Armored Titan” bundle

As seen in the screenshots from CharlieIntel, Vanguard’s brought the Armored Titan into the fold. Unlike the Levi skin, this new one is… very true to the anime. While the big brute might not be quite as large as he is in the show, literally everything else looks perfect.

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Naked, scary, housed in plates of armored flesh – the new bundle is everything the Levi skin wasn’t. Instead of simply outfitting a current Operator in an anime costume, the devs appear to have built the Armored Titan from the ground up.

Warzone streamers & fans loving the new AoT “Armored Titan” skin

Streamers like FaZe Swagg and TimTheTatman were quick to respond to the new skin. And, as you can tell from their caps-locked reactions, people are very excited about the content.

After seeing the skin and gun, Swagg responded with an exasperated “F**K. NEED,” while TimTheTatman called the bundle “LITTTTT.”

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The Armored Titan bundle is currently only available in Vanguard, but is expected to make its way to Warzone with the next update. Once that patch releases, you can be sure to expect a lot of anime skins kicking down walls across the map.