Warzone players already worried about new ‘Nebula’ bullets in Season 2 preventing revives

Nathan Warby
Warzone player with Field Upgrade

After weeks of rumors, we finally have our first look at Warzone Season 2. But before the new chapter has even got underway, players have expressed concerns over the new Nebula V bullets that will stop them from reviving teammates.

Warzone Season 2 has officially been revealed, and we can finally see what’s new in the next chapter of the CoD battle royale. The additions of redeploy ballons and Portable Decontamination Stations, seemingly inspired by Apex Legends, have been mostly praised by players.

However, not all of the new features have been welcomed with open arms. The new ‘Nebula V’ bullets have sparked concerns among the community, as they will apparently get in the way of reviving knocked squad members.

Warzone player with Gas Mask
Nebula V ammo can be countered with a Gas Mask, but players are worried it will be overpowered.

Coming as a new Field Upgrade in Warzone Season 2, Nebula V ammo doesn’t deal any more damage than your standard rounds, but they do come with one huge benefit. Enemies downed while using the ammo will give off a cloud of poisonous gas.

According to the official description on the Call of Duty website: “Anyone attempting to revive this Operator — or standing within a few feet of them — will face similar complications to Circle Collapse exposure: coughing, blurred vision, and a slight amount of damage over time, whether that be to a player’s health or to their Gas Mask duration.”

This means that if you are attempting to revive a fallen teammate who was gunned down by Nebula rounds, you will need a Gas Mask to pick them up without taking damage. It’s not hard to imagine the chaos and frustration this could cause in frantic gunfights, especially in enclosed spaces like corridors.

Although this feature is still yet to be implemented, Warzone players have made no secret of their worries. Reddit user pubgisDEAD kickstarted the debate, asking “why make the game more annoying in every update?”

Plenty of other players responded slamming the new Field Upgrade. “This is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen. So now your s****y random teammates can get downed and directly ruin your chances with their gas cloud,” replied one player.

“They have no clue what the game actually feels like to the players, so they just experiment. In most cases, the experiments go wrong.” Others mentioned that additions like this one curb their enthusiasm about the new season.

“It really usually is the opposite of excitement for the new season. You sit around worrying about what idiotic [feature] they’re going to add that screws up gameplay for a few weeks.”

It’s worth noting that Nebula V ammo will only apply to one clip before running out, but let’s hope that Raven has taken care with this new feature, and it won’t become a huge issue for the game going forward.