Warzone expert highlights forgotten Vanguard SMG that can still dominate

Connor Bennett
owen gun on Caldera map in COD Warzone

If you’re looking to shake up your Warzone loadouts then you might want to consider going back to one of Vanguard’s classic SMGs – the Owen Gun.

Even though we’re entering the final stretch for Warzone before Warzone 2 takes over the gaming landscape, there are still plenty of matches to be won and glory to be claimed.

When it comes to the meta, there are a handful of weapons that are viable at the minute, and they all have something in common – they’re from Call of Duty: Vanguard.

The same is also true for the SMG category specifically, as the likes of the PPSH, H4 Blixen, and MP-40 still reign supreme. Though, if you’re a little bored of those and want to use something else, you might want to consider re-visiting the Owen Gun as it’s still fairly handy in games.

Best Owen Gun loadout in Warzone Season 5

The abandoned SMG was highlighted by WhosImmortal in his September 19 video, as the Warzone YouTuber shone a spotlight on the best SMGs in the battle royale currently.

While the Owen Gun isn’t going to dethrone the PPSH or Armaguerra, it’s still very competitive. “Honestly, I feel like the Owen Gun can probably stay in the top meta,” he said. “Yes, I said that I wouldn’t necessarily always choose it over one of these other weapons like the PPSH or the Armaguerra, but it does have that really good TTK still. I think that one is still owed a place in the top meta.”

What helps the Owen is the fact that the meta build hasn’t changed at all over time. It’s still the same one that everyone used to run when it was one of the go-to weapons on Caldera and Rebirth Island. So, you’ll have the attachments you need if you choose to go back to it.

The SMG certainly falls into that category of forgotten weapons, seeing as its pick rate has slid all the way down to around 0.23, as per WZRanked stats.

It was once one of the dominant SMGs in the game and it would hardly lose gunfights, despite its awkward look on-screen. Though, it can still propel you to victory.