Warzone devs respond to infinite loading screen glitch


Modern Warfare developer Joe Cecot has responded to the infuriating Warzone infinite loading screen glitch, nothing that it is a “complex” issue for the team to figure out.

Though Warzone has proven to be incredibly popular with Call of Duty fans, a number of problems have plagued the battle royale. Players have found glitches with staying alive for longer than intended in the gas, being unable to buy teammates back, and other issues. 

However, there might no more annoying problem than the infinite loading screen glitch. As the name suggests, players are greeted by a loading screen that never goes away. You can sometimes hear gunfire and see the match is loading countdown, but you don’t end up going anywhere. While some players have found workarounds, there hasn’t been a fix that rectifies the problem for everyone.

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warzone stairs gunfightActivision
Warzone players have run into a number of bugs.

Fans who have found their games constantly disrupted by the bug have put it to the developers, hoping for a fix. While no sort of patch seems to be coming anytime soon, Joe Cecot has revealed that Infinity Ward is working on it.

“We are looking at this but it’s turning out to be a very complex issue,” the Co-Design Director tweeted in reply to one disgruntled Twitter user, also offering up an apology. “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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With the problem proving to be “complex,” according to the developer, it could be the case that Infinity ward is unable to fix it for a little while yet – never mind having it fixed in time for their next set of updates.

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That would, undoubtedly, be an absolutely nightmarish situation the horde of fans who are still running into the bug. While there are no details on what is making the issue so “complex,” Infinity Ward have routinely found fixes, so we’ll just have to wait and see as to whether or not they can fix it soon.