Warzone dev says Ricochet anti-cheat will get better with future updates

Connor Bennett
Warzone player with sledgehammer on rebirth island

The Call of Duty: Warzone devs say that the Ricochet anti-cheat is going to “get better and better” as they continue their fight against cheaters, but they’ve got to remain coy on what exactly might change. 

Warzone’s cheating epidemic has been well-documented to this point, with many players turning their back on the Call of Duty battle royale after coming across one too many hackers.

Raven Software and Activision have tried to stamp the cheating problem out with regular ban waves and the arrival of the Ricochet anti-cheat. The kernel-level anti-cheat has struck down many players already, but some fans want it to go much further as the battle royale keeps evolving – with some hoping that they’ll never see cheaters again.

Following the Season 2 Reloaded update, streamer Tyler ‘Teep’ Polchow spoke with Warzone creative lead Josh Bridge about the possibility of rotating between Verdansk and Caldera, a future ranked mode, as well as some other changes that may appear down the line – which included improvements to the Ricochet system.

RICOCHET anti cheat logo
RICOCHET was first introduced back in December, but players have had their doubts on whether it’s working.

The former Call of Duty pro asked Bridge about his thoughts on Ricochet’s performance so far, and whether or not the developers have plans to keep expanding it as they move forward.

“Overall, we’re absolutely happy with it,” Bridge said, noting that previously the developers would have to “scramble and plug holes” when a cheat arose, but that’s changed with a dedicated team. “And, it keeps getting better because we find new ways that cheaters are finding a different sort of loophole or a hack and we plug it up, and we move forward.

“We can’t be fully transparent on it because we’re also trying to protect the players without actually disclosing what we’re doing, and it’s not to be nefarious, it’s to literally protect fair play. So, it’s going to keep growing and get better and better, I’m excited about it.”

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As Bridge notes, the devs do have to keep their cards close to their chest as to not rip off cheat creators on what they might be targeting next.

While some players hope that cheaters would never pop up in matches, it is difficult to completely wipe them out, but the number of them should drastically reduce over time.

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