Warzone cheaters are winning by vanishing from final circle

Gilly sniper in Warzone Pacific.Raven Software

Warzone Pacific players are hard at work to master the new map Caldera, but cheaters continue to baffle squads, especially when they aren’t present in the final circle. 

Caldera, the long-awaited overhaul for Warzone, arrived for CoD players on December 9. However, some players are becoming frustrated, as their chances of victory are been squashed by cheaters defying the game’s limits.

Getting a dub is tough enough, but it’s made even harder when you can’t see your enemies.

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call of duty warzone pacific calderaActivision
Caldera brought heaps of new content to Warzone, including a new Gulag.

Cheaters are hiding to secure Warzone wins

The build-up to the final circle in Warzone is incredibly tense, but cheaters are draining the game of any fun as an exploit allows them to hide from view. Captured by Reddit user u/picklejuice33, their match was cut short of victory as they scrambled to spot any potential threats.

With the advent of RICOCHET anti-cheat, players hoped that issues like this wouldn’t persist as a new era of Warzone began.

There are plenty of theories as to how the winning duo broke the game, but some players have speculated it to be a visual bug: “With how broken this game is, it was probably just a bug rather than cheaters,” said Warzone player UltraContrarian.

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The more common theory put forward is that the winners survived through aggressive Stim usage: “It’s just Stims and munitions. A quad with 10-20k each can live about 5minutes in gas,” u/mrgrimshawn1 commented.

“Could just be another in a long line of bugs. We are long overdue for the stim glitch’s return,” another player added, noting the possible unfortunate return of the Stim bug that plagued Warzone before.

As the developers add more content into the New Year, hopefully, Warzone Pacific will be patched up for another battle.

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