Warzone devs confirm fix for infuriating controller disconnect issues coming soon

COnsole Controllers on Warzone backgroundActivision / Sony / Microsoft

Raven Software have confirmed that a fix is coming for infuriating controller disconnect issues in Warzone Pacific Season One, relating to both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. 

Warzone Pacific Season One brought a number of glitches and problems to the CoD battle royale, including the return of the infamous ‘demon gun glitch’ and Buy Stations causing the game to crash completely. Few, though, have been as egregious as controller disconnect problems.

Hindering console players, as opposed to players using a controller via a PC – players have found themselves disconnecting mid-game.

Vanguard, Modern Warfare, and Cold War Operators in Warzone CalderaActivision
Other issues – like FPS and texture bugs – have been prominent on next-gen consoles.

What makes the problems more frustrating though, is that simply plugging a controller back in or pressing the PS/Xbox button has not been solving the problem. Players have been forced to completely restart Warzone in order to ensure their controllers reconnect.

The problems have been lurking since the Pacific Season One update went live earlier in December but, thankfully, Raven have now confirmed a fix is on its way.

On the official Warzone Trello page, where the devs update fans on bugs and content changes, a fix is listed as “scheduled” for the controller disconnect problems.

Warzone Trello Controller Update Screenshot

Unfortunately, no time-scale was given by Raven for the update, but we can assume it will drop with Warzone’s next major update, either in the week commencing December 27 or early in the new year.

It will be good news for players on console, who have had to put up with a number of unique problems since the Pacific update dropped. Here’s hoping this is the first fix in a long line to make Caldera more enjoyable and, most importantly, playable.