New Stim Glitch? Warzone players already exploiting new Nuke Radiation Zones


Ahead of the Warzone Season 3 launch, the game has introduced Radiation Zones into Verdansk, but some players have already figured out a way to exploit the new areas with a novel variation of the “Stim Glitch.”

Season 3 of Warzone quickly approaching, and ahead of the previously leaked ‘Nuke Event’, Activision and Raven Software have added new nuclear areas to the map that deal damage to players who cross into them.

The difference between these zones and the regular circle of gas, however, is that the zone deals damage on a much smaller scale, taking out only around five or 10 health at a time. Because of this, some players have figured out how to exploit the areas by using Stims.

As shown in the Reddit post above, you can use Stim to regenerate your health completely while in the Radiation Zone before being downed by the damage.

Because the radiation does so little damage, having the Restock perk in your loadout can actually regenerate a whole new Stim in the same amount of time, theoretically allowing you to survive within the zone indefinitely.

It is worth noting that the usefulness of this “exploit” is questionable at best. For example, if the area falls outside of the gas circle, you won’t last very long, since there’s no way to survive in the regular gas. That means this is only practical if the circle ends up in the Prison/Shipwreck area.

Activision/Reddit, TwistedFate3
Using a stim inside the new radiation zones around Verdansk can allow you to survive.

That said, it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you find yourself near or inside the Radiation Zones, especially since you’re guaranteed to come across players who have turned into Zombies by staying inside too long.

As for if/when this will be fixed, since the nuclear areas aren’t expected to last past the start of Season 3, don’t expect Raven to prioritize it in the remaining days of S2.