Warzone C4 nerfed as explosives take over meta

Jacob Hale
C4 in Warzone over blurred background of Urzikstan

Warzone devs Raven Software have announced a hotfix to nerf C4 explosives in the battle royale game, as they slowly started to take over the battle royale meta.

C4 has had its time in and out of the Warzone meta ever since the game first launched in 2020. While you used to be able to launch them incredibly far, they were nerfed for newer iterations of Warzone to give them a more realistic throwing range — but that doesn’t mean they’ve been far less powerful.

In fact, after Thermobaric Grenades were banned from competitive play as pros ran them in abundance, players quickly switched over to C4 instead. This proved similarly destructive, with C4 offering a great mix of both ease of use and explosive power to wipe out other teams.

Responding to the meta developments, Raven put out a hotfix in the early hours of June 19, confirming a C4 nerf with the following changes:

  • Throw velocity has been reduced by 15%
  • Radius has been reduced to 7 meters, down from 8
  • Outer radius damage has been reduced to 138, down from 155

While this isn’t a huge nerf, it should help bring C4 more in line with where other explosive equipment is, and the outer radius damage drop should mean the collateral damage from direct C4 hits isn’t quite as calamitous.

If you’ve been using C4s prior to this nerf, it’s unlikely they will have been completely ruined, but you might have to anticipate firing a few more bullets after the initial explosion before downing your opponents. That said, they’re still going to be effective against vehicles and in late-game circles, where it’s easier to get up close and personal with other squads.