Broken Warzone melee attack is costing players a Caldera win

Nathan Warby
Melee damage in Warzone

If you’re in a pinch on Warzone – stuck reloading in the middle of a gunfight – sometimes the best option is to go for an old-fashioned melee hit. But as the CoD battle royale has moved over to Caldera, the melee system is totally broken.

Despite all the different guns on offer in Warzone, melee has always been one of the most useful weapons in a player’s arsenal. Getting up close and personal usually does big damage, whittling down an enemy’s health bar in seconds.

It’s also been the last resort for anyone who finds themselves without ammo or having to reload in the middle of a hectic fight. But with Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 underway, the melee system isn’t working as intended.

As players look to secure their first wins on the new Caldera map, it appears that trying to use the melee attack isn’t actually doing any damage.

Warzone player meleeing enemy
Melee attacks have been the last resort for CoD players for many years.

Reddit user chrisssf uploaded a clip showing the extent of the melee issues in Warzone at the moment. In it, two players can be seen meleeing each other repeatedly with neither taking any damage.

It wasn’t until one caved and opted to use the pistol that the fight came to an end. “I thought they nerfed melee’s, but not this bad!” they joked.


Another video came from Reddit user Substantial-Quarter4, showing just how costly this can be in Warzone matches. They found themselves in a close-up fight with an enemy after reaching the final two squads.

With their current clip extremely low, they naturally attempted to melee the opposing player from behind several times, but each one failed to register as a hit. Unscathed from the attempted hits, the enemy then turns around and quickly takes them out.

Not only is this a frustrating bug that fundamentally breaks a key part of the Warzone experience. It cost this player the match from a position that they more than likely would have won from.

Plenty of other fans responded saying they have encountered these issues. It also appears to be happening when players are trying to finish off downed enemies.

“I downed a guy during a firefight earlier today, when I finally got up to him to finish him off with a melee I noticed I wasn’t doing ANY damage,” replied one Warzone user. “As I was about to swap to my secondary a sniper dropped me from god knows where. Unbelievable man.”

After a notably shaky start to Warzone Pacific, this is one of the more severe bugs we’ve seen so far. Fans will be hoping that developers Raven Software are already working on a fix.

Until then, we recommend swapping to your secondary weapon if you run out of ammo in a fight, or you’re trying to eliminate a downed enemy.