Warzone players speechless as glitch randomly sends them to the Gulag

Jaret Kappelman
Bizarre Warzone bug forces players to start in the Gulag

In Warzone, people that die are captured and sent to the Gulag, but a new glitch is punishing players and randomly sending them there during matches.

One of Warzone’s staples is the Gulag which serves as a second chance for players to earn a victory in the battle royale.

Even though it has seen many different forms, the basis remains the same: win your 1-on-1 gunfight to redeploy on the map.

While the Gulag isn’t accessible until you die, a new bug is ruining matches and sending players there without warning.

Warzone Pacific Gulag gameplay
The Gulag is a chance for players to earn redeployment on Caldera.

Warzone glitch abruptly sends players to Gulag

The Warzone pacific update has brought new life to the game but players have not been happy as of late due to an overload of bugs and this one is taking the cake.

This Reddit posy by ‘Papermetr0’ has the community mindblown as Raven Software’s game is just randomly sending players to the Gulag.

In the clip, you can see the player just minding their own business, picking up a few kills, and rotating around the map. But if you blink you’ll miss their screen go black to then reveal them going to the 1v1 arena.

One person doesn’t even know what to say at this point, “Not even surprised anymore.” Another sarcastically added, “How can you just not love this game.”

Players are just piling this onto the list of known issues on Caldera that is seemingly ruining the Warzone experience. JGOD thinks that these issues can lead to players quitting if the devs aren’t quick on their toes to fix it.

However, this Gulag bug has players questioning the game and really pondering if it’s still worth grinding Warzone as they await necessary fixes in the battle royale.