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Warzone players terrified by new “invisible” Krampus bug

Published: 18/Dec/2021 21:13

by André González Rodríguez


Already having a lot on their hands when fighting enemies on Warzone, players now have to deal with Krampus. That’s not all though, as players have been experiencing encounters with an “invisible” version of the monster.

In an attempt to make the game more festive, developers decided to add a bit of holiday flare in both CoD’s Warzone and Vanguard in the Festive Fervor update. While the update contained the usual running through the motions that come with it, it also added Krampus.

The terrifying monster was a controversial addition, as players claim that he’s been troublesome in matches and at times, losing them games. Now, the already-disruptive Christmas foe has become an even bigger problem with a new bug.


Krampus in Warzone / Vanguard

“Invisible” Krampus terrorizes CoD players

What’s harder to deal with than Krampus? An invisible Krampus. First brought up by Amer-X on the COD Warzone subreddit, there seems to be a bug that makes the monster completely invisible.

In the video that the Redditor posted, Krampus can be seen, or not seen in this case, blocking the entrance to a door. Amer-X was rushing into the house in front of them until they realized they couldn’t enter.

Curious as to what that could be, they began to shoot and realized that there was something there…

Invisible Krampus blocking doors now or enemy team?!? from CODWarzone


Ever since the new update, Krampus has brought a plethora of problems for the community, whether it’s someone like Amer-X being prevented from entering a house, or streamer TeeP being corralled by him in the gas.


Either way, it’s up to the devs to address the issue.