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Warzone “box glitch” is making players look like they’re using wall hacks

Published: 16/Jan/2022 17:40

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone has a history of bizarre bugs, but a new one being deemed the “box glitch” makes it look like players have wall hacks.

There have been a number of odd bugs to hit Warzone since the Pacific update. From the Gulag killing winners to infinite ammo the battle royale is far from perfect.

In one of the most peculiar glitches, fans have seen in a while, this one is throwing boxes up on a player’s screen that appear to be outlining an enemy.

Let’s take a look at what Warzone players are calling the “box glitch” and why it is making it look like people are wall hackers.


What is Warzone “box glitch” & why does it look like wall hacks

This new box glitch in Warzone is a visual effect that puts a giant white box on your screen, as well as makes your bullets do “ghost hitmarkers.” It also follows up by preventing your weapon from firing bullets for a couple of seconds.

Warzone pro Aydan encountered this while he was streaming the game on January 14 and it had fans convinced something fishy was going on.

As seen in the clip above, the Warzone star is firing at a door when he suddenly gets a white box and hitmarkers on his screen. However, once he goes inside the room, no one is sitting in the building.


While the video goes on you hear Aydan say, “My s**t is bugged, my s**t is glitched, it’s like not shooting, I think I have a bug.” This is why other people believe that it’s just a bug.

Some fans believed this was wall hacks because the white box popped up on a wall. However, people quickly noted that the box is actually the Airstrike reticle, which means that is in the game files.

Warzone map
A Warzone glitch is putting the Airstrike reticle on players screen but viewers think players are hacking.

In a Reddit thread, user ‘Beautiful_Piccolo_51’ said “Yeah that’s not cheating, that white box on the door is actually a bug, it’s the airstrike reticle.”


At the time of writing this, no one seems to know what causes the Airstrike reticle glitch to occur. However, since Airstrikes are a part of Warzone, people think this is just a glitch and not hacks, but while spectating it can look extremely suspicious.