Aydan reveals best Cronen Squall loadout after thermal ban in Warzone 2 ranked

Jacob Hale
aydan with cronen squall

Aydan and his fellow Warzone 2 pros have been spending some time trying to adapt to a new meta after the thermal sight was banned in ranked, but he thinks he has found the solution.

For some time, the Cronen Squall with a thermal sight was the dominant meta weapon in Warzone 2 ranked, becoming a real source of frustration for players as the gun made rotating nearly impossible, especially as smoke grenades are so pivotal to traversing Al Mazrah in the game.

On May 24, after many requests from players, Warzone 2 ranked devs Treyarch finally banned thermal scopes from ranked, as well as making a number of other restrictions.

Since then, the meta has shifted slightly, and while the Cronen Squall battle rifle is still dominant, Aydan has revealed his new class to grind through the ranks in Al Mazrah.

Aydan Cronen Squall loadout

While the actual build of the gun itself isn’t much different, players were tasked with finding the best optic to use in lieu of the thermal sights.

Aydan has gone simple with his, choosing the Cronen Mini Pro, a very popular pick in casual Warzone 2 games and prior to the thermal meta.

His full build is:

  • Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40
  • Barrel: HR6.8 Barrel
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Magazine: 50-Round Mag

If you’re looking to emulate Aydan’s gameplay in Warzone 2, you’ll have to put in some serious hours — but using his preferred loadouts is a good step in the right direction.