WarsZ & zColorss win OpTic Texas $100K Warzone 2 event: Full Day 1 & Day 2 results


OpTic Texas just hosted the first major North American Warzone 2 tournament days after the game’s release. While it was ultimately WarsZ & zColorss who won the Champ Bracket & Cloakzy & Daltoosh who won the Creator Bracket, we’ve got you covered below with the full results.

Warzone 2 launched on November 16 and while not everything has been perfect, the sequel’s arrival marks the return of competitive Warzone events. Ever since Fifakill won the $100,000 World Series of Warzone 2022 Solo Yolo event at the beginning of September, it’s been relatively quiet as players looked forward to the new BR iteration.

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With just a few days of experience under their belts, the best talent across NA dropped into Al Mazrah and fought for their share of $100K thanks to OpTic Texas.

One Day 1, it was the duo of Cloakzy & Daltoosh that led the pack in the Creator-side of the event, while on Day 2, WarsZ & zColorss proved to be unstoppable in the Champ Bracket. If you missed any of the action, be sure to check out the full results below.

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OpTic Texas $100k Warzone 2 tournament: Results

$75K Champ Bracket results (Top 16)

1st$35,000Warsz & zColorss
2nd$15,000Jukeyz & Lenun
3rd$10,000Huskerrs & Newbz
4th$5,000Skullface & Hisoka
Top 6$2,000Rated & Fifakill
Top 6$2,000ClutchBelk & Xenon
Top 8$1,500MuTeX & ForeignJase
Top 8$1,5002Pac & Bulieve
Top 12$500Tommey & Almond
Top 12$500ZLaner & Destroy
Top 12$500Biffle & SuperEvan
Top 12$500IcemanIsaac & Envailed
Top 16$250Holly & AhTract
Top 16$250LuckyChamu & Repullze
Top 16$250Bartonologist & AlmightyJm
Top 16$250Scummn & UnRationaL

$25K Creator Bracket results (Top 8)

1st$15,000Daltoosh & Cloakzy
2nd$7,000Vikkstar & BennyCentral
3rd$3,000DrDisrespect & CouRage
4thDrLupo & Lvndmark
Top 6Symfuhny & Nadeshot
Top 6Yourrage & Futives
Top 8Smixie & Kalei
Top 8NoahJ456 & Typical Gamer

OpTic Texas $100k Warzone 2 tournament: Format

The $100,000 Warzone 2 event featurds a mix of different competitions. Up first comes a $25K content creator-focused portion, wherein, 16 of the biggest CoD personalities will do battle in a double-elimination bracket. This side of the event follows standard 2v2 kill race rules.

Alongside is a $75K ‘Champ bracket.’ Here, 32 teams start out in a swiss stage. Once again, standard 2v2 kill race rules apply but Duos must win three of their matchups to advance. Lose three and they’re done. Once this section wraps, the field will be halved.

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On Tuesday, the remaining 16 Duos compete through a double-elimination bracket until a winner is crowned.

OpTic Texas $100k Warzone 2 tournament: Players & teams

As you would expect from an event of this magnitude, especially being the first major tournament in Warzone 2, all the stars are out in full force. From Swagg, Nadeshot, and DrDisrespect, to a returning Vikkstar123, DrLupo and more, the field is stacked with top talent. Below is a full look at everyone in the running.

$25K Creator Bracket teams

DrDisrespect & CouRageNoahJ456 & Typical Gamer
DrLup & LvndmarkVikkstar123 & BennyCentral
Symfuhny & NadeshotDaltoosh & Cloakzy
Yourrage & FutivesSmixie & Kalei

$75K Champ Bracket teams

Swagg & BooyaZLaner & DestroyKenz & AqsageClutchbelk & XenomJukeyz & LenunIceManIsaac & EnvailedQueenshadows & JujuSaiyanJessieCooks & Torronix
Joewo & BreadmanRated & FifakillKarma & DougisRawBarton & Almighty TJMNadia & BlaztSwishem & NiicoInfiniteSkullface & BraalikRepullze & LuckyChamu
HusKerrs & NewbzTommey & AlmondMuTeX & ForeignJaseCrowder & Duhvera2Pac & BelievePamaj & DirtyDi3sel & JorgeTBA
Aydan & zSmitBobbypoff & CrimsixBiffle & SuperEvanHolly & AhtractSebas & GodkuIntechs & StukawakiWarsz & ZColorsTBA

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