Warzone 2 players worried by melee weapon that is “Kali Sticks 2.0”

Connor Bennett
Warzone 2 player holding Tonfa melee weapon in hands

Some Warzone 2 players have been voicing their concerns about a new melee weapon, as it is giving some of them “Kali Sticks 2.0” vibes. 

Throughout the original Warzone and Warzone 2, the power of melee weapons and strikes has been a hot conversation. 

In the original Warzone, especially as you first dropped into a match, melees came across with more power than the starting pistols. You were betting off busting out some movement and then swinging punches rather than trying to get two shots off with the handgun. 

The melee attacks became even more controversial when weapons like the Kali Sticks were added. These sticks gave players better movement speed as well as powerful blows. And while Warzone 2 has toned down the power of melee strikes, some players are having flashbacks to the original battle royale thanks to the new Tonfa weapon. 

Warzone’s new Tonfa melee is “Kali Sticks 2.0”

It pretty much stemmed from one Redditor posting a clip of them going on a rampage with the Tonfa on Vondel. It was a late-game situation, but the player managed to zoom around, dishing out deadly blows even as some enemies blasted them with machine gun bullets. 

While some players couldn’t help but criticize the skill of the enemy players, others were more concerned about the power of the melees again.

“Teleporting melee, what a great game mechanic,” said one. “Wouldn’t be cod if a stick didn’t do more damage than bullets to the face,” added another. “Kali Sticks 2.0,” another commented. 

Other, less concerned players, stated that the Tonfa had brought some “fun” back to the battle royale. “I’ve had more fun the last two days on warzone than I have in the last two years,” argued one. 

It remains to be seen if the devs consider it an issue and if they’ll need to make any changes. But, for now, it seems there are deadly blows to be delivered.

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