Warzone 2 players slam “horrible” visibility & rendering issues: “I can’t see s**t”

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Warzone 2 players are furious with visibility and rendering problems that are making it impossible to land shots in long-range gunfights.

In any FPS, visibility is one of the most important aspects of a game and this is especially true in Warzone 2 where fast TTKs mean skirmishes can be over in an instant.

Visual clarity is absolutely essential in order to keep gunfights fair and even, but according to some members of the WZ2 community, it’s becoming impossible to spot enemies from afar.

Rendering bugs, pings, dark areas, and visual recoil mean a lot of players “can’t see s**t” and want the devs to make serious changes.

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Warzone 2’s Season 2 Reloaded patch arrives on March 15.

Warzone 2 community slams “horrible” visibility issues

Taking to the CODWarzone Reddit, a lot of Warzone 2 players are complaining about visibility issues on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

A thread created by Seven0232 raises the problem with rendering, claiming some enemies simply won’t load properly when viewed from a distance.

This makes it impossible to know “where to aim” in the midst of a skirmish and can even result in unexplained deaths from foes that are invisible as they haven’t rendered in.

With countless players arguing that it’s “horrible” & “needs a fix”, it’ll be interesting to see whether the devs take note and implement any changes.

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Unfortunately, rendering isn’t the only difficulty players are facing when it comes to visual clarity with “muzzle smoke, visual recoil, screen redness, dark areas, and teammate’s pings” all making it hard to see and concentrate.

While pings and loadout drop markers are impossible to remove, a solution could be to reduce muzzle smoke and visual recoil.

Some users suggested turning “off all the effects you can” and using a “silencer”, which could be a good temporary solution.

Either way, it’s clear the community wants the devs to improve Warzone 2’s overall visual clarity to make it easier to fight foes at long range.

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Despite this, with Season 2 Reloaded just around the corner, it’s likely Raven is focused on new content, rather than fixing frustrating bugs and adding quality-of-life changes.