Warzone 2 players fall in love with the idea to combine DMZ with Zombies

Filip Krawanski

Warzone 2 players are in love with an idea fan proposed to combine the PvPvE extraction shooter aspect of DMZ with the Call of Duty Zombies gameplay.

Player imagination, ideas, and suggestions will always be a big part of any gaming community, whether it’s a suggestion to add John Wick to the game, or imagining a new game mode that combines your favorite aspects of any given franchise coming to a game.

As a matter of fact, one Warzone 2 player has been very outspoken about his ideas to combine aspects of modes like Cold War’s Outbreak with Warzone 2’s DMZ.

And other fans of the franchise are absolutely loving the idea! Replacing the enemy combatant AI would fix some of the problems players voiced in the past while also bringing a fresh new PvP aspect that was not previously seen in Zombie game modes in Call of Duty.

Warzone 2 fans love the idea of combining DMZ with Zombies

TheGhostofHope prompted the discussion with his tweet where he said “these two modes combined into one would go so freaking hard,” followed by a thumbnail of DMZ and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Outbreak.

Fans of the franchise love the idea and suggested their own mechanics that could ship with this imaginary fan-suggested mode.

“Deep down we all want DMZ zombies: 1 Mystery Box on the map, A ton of zombies mixed with other soldier NPCs and player squads. You can extract wonder weapons for your contraband locker. You’re completing faction missions for requiem and other groups,” suggests one user.

Hope further explained why he thinks the idea also has merit for the player.

“Honestly think it would also just be an all-around better experience for the player. There’s no getting shot in the ass by a soldier AI with zombies. There are different types of zombies and such and you know what you’re dealing with when you run into each version.”

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