Warzone 2 expert claims DMZ is dying but can be “saved” with a big change

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Warzone 2 YouTuber Stodeh has over 300 hours in DMZ, and he relied on a wealth of knowledge to suggest a few changes that could save the game mode from fading away.

Riding a massive wave of enthusiasm, Infinity Ward backed its new extraction shooter game mode, DMZ, in Season 2 with a batch of fresh content. The developers added a new map and implemented a new progress wipe feature to keep the experience fresh for passionate community members.

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The mid-season update made a few bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. However, DMZ streamer, Westie, claimed Season 2 went too far “the wrong way.” He called out the developers for failing to improve AI spawn and damage consistency, removing features, and neglecting to fix a weapon blueprint glitch.

Fellow DMZ community member, Stodeh cited a trend in the wrong direction and suggested a way for the developers to turn things around.

Is Warzone 2 DMZ dying?

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DMZ boasts an extremely passionate but niche fan base.

Stodeh expressed his opinion on the current state of DMZ.

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“Alongside the downfall of Warzone 2 popularity, I feel like interest in this mode has been falling daily. There is a lack of replayability, long-term progression, and frustration from solo players because of overwhelming PVP.”

The YouTuber outlined a plan to revitalize the game mode.

Stodeh argued that the developers are “neglecting a huge part of the extraction shooter experience” by ignoring solo players. To combat this issue, he suggested solo players should spawn in with a self-revive, earn more rewards, and take less damage from AI enemies

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Once you unlock all three insured weapon slots, the YouTuber claimed, “right now, we are simply completing missions to get to the end with no real rewards.” He proposed new features allowing players to earn key inventory slots or a slot that holds items between matches.

As for PVP engagements, some players argue it is too much. Inspired by DayZ, the DMZ expert offered up a karma system, awarding players for doing good things and a global bounty after a player kills 5 others.

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“This game is a great base for something even greater, and I really hope they continue to expand on this mode in future seasons and games.”

So far, DMZ received new content in each seasonal update, and community members demand continued support.

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