Warzone 2 players recreate classic stealth mission in DMZ and it’s amazing

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Two Warzone 2 players decided to spice up their DMZ experience by roleplaying as Ghost and Soap.

Warzone 2’s gameplay has a distinct rhythm and flow. Squads, land, loot, and gradually move towards the final circle before engaging in an intense final battle. DMZ shares the same universe and some elements of WZ2 but allows players to craft their own experience.

With no time limit, circles, or player count, Al Mazrah transforms into a sandbox with endless possibilities. Battling AI enemies, completing side objectives, or searching for valuable items are just some of the ways to experience DMZ.

Infinity Ward struck gold with the new Escape from Tarkov-inspired game mode, and we went as far as proclaiming it as the “best Call of Duty Game in years.” DMZ’s creative expression sets it apart from other games, and two players elevated that freedom to another level.

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Ghost returned in Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 2 players roleplay as Ghost and Soap in DMZ

Longtime series veterans will remember playing through Spec Ops or Campaign missions with someone on coms while the other player approached stealthily. In a viral TikTok, two DMZ players recreated that experience while infiltrating a Stronghold.

One squad member sat back with a sniper rifle and called out the locations of AI enemies for his teammate. The other player used the callouts to take out enemies one by one without being seen.

Using a walkie-talkie noise while communicating was the icing on the cake for the creative roleplay. The fun spin on DMZ caught the attention of WZ2 community members.

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One player responded, “this is exactly how I would like to play video games.”

A second user added, “this is legit, the campaign mission where you have to tell Ghost where to go.”

Ghost and Soap are characters from the original MW2 campaign and returned for the 2022 game. During some of the most memorable co-op stealth missions, the pair worked in tandem.

Leaning into DMZ’s creativity, a third player suggested, “DMZ needs a reason to play like this stealth. Like a blueprint in the area if you sneak. If the alarm is raised, it goes away.”

WZ2 players have only scratched the surface of what’s possible in DMZ.

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