Warzone 2 players demand nerf for “lame” self revives


Warzone 2 introduced a backpack system, but some community members believe players are abusing the new feature by stacking self-revives.

Looting and inventory management are always hot-button issues for battle royale titles. It’s an ongoing struggle for developers trying to create the perfect system. Warzone 2 takes notes from PUBG, displaying a loot menu when interacting with a duffel bag or medical case.

Players blasted the “counter-intuitive” looting system and shared a similar sentiment for the new backpack feature. Warzone 2 allows players to store items like meds, ammo, cash, gadgets, and kill streaks in medium or large backpacks.

Backpacks change how players approach managing their resources, but some believe it led to exploitative practices. There is currently no limit on how many kill streaks or self-revives a player can carry, resulting in unnecessarily annoying engagements.

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Warzone 2’s new looting and inventory system caught flack from players.

Warzone 2 players slam over-reliance on self revives

A Reddit user shared a clip of a player winning a Warzone 2 match, primarily because they were able to hold more than one self-revive.

The tool allows plays to revive themselves after being downed without the assistance of a teammate.

One player responded, “Self revives should need to be equipped like the stim pistol and gas mask to be used. If you carry extra, it’s just to share and not to have unlimited revives.”

A second user added, “I actually think the game would be better off without self revive… You can come back via gulag, buyback, and jailbreak, and on top of that, every third medicine cabinet holds a self-revive. I get genuinely surprised when I kill someone who hasn’t self-res.”

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Community members fired back that self-revives are essential for solo games because players don’t have the option of being revived by teammates.

However, it’s clear a majority of the users in the Reddit thread believe that there needs to be either a decrease in the number of lootable self-revives or a limit on the amount players can carry.