Warzone 2 players call for these legendary Warzone 1 weapons to return

Filip Krawanski
Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players would like the devs to bring back some iconic weapons from 2020’s Warzone to its 2022 sequel.

Call of Duty is a franchise spanning many different games set in different periods of time, with this comes grenades, gadgets, and weapons with different functionalities and feel.

It comes as no surprise that players have their favorites from different games and many are hoping that their ol’ reliable gets brought back into the mix, especially for Warzone 2 which will be supported for far longer than the usual yearly Call of Duty titles.

With that in mind, Reddit user Lordtone215 asked users of r/CODWarzone: “what previous Warzone guns would u like to see brought back?”

Lordtone nominated Uzi, Fear 1, and the Amax among some others for his wishlist of weapons that should make a comeback, and his post was met with a lot of other users reminiscing about their favorites from the first installment of the fully-fledged Call of Duty battle royale.

Warzone 2 players want these guns to return from WZ1

The favorite among those commenting under the post was 2019’s Modern Warfare variant of the Kar98k, and it was a favorite by a landslide.

“MW Kar-98k,” reads the most upvoted response. Followed by a second most upvoted comment that reads: “Kar 98 and it’s not even a debate.”

This perfectly lines up with a previous article we wrote about players wanting the Kar98k back in Warzone 2. But there are other suggestions that players look upon fondly.

“The Amax, without a single change, just the way it was when it was released. It was a gun that required skill to use,” suggests one user.

Other users also named the Oden, AN-94, Bruen, PKM, SwissK, Ram-7, AX-50, FAL, and Milano among a sea of other suggestions.

Season 3 is on the horizon, so maybe some of these players will get their wishes granted. Season 2 brought a variety of new weapons into the game, with some being classics from previous titles making a comeback.