Warzone 2 player gets a free victory after last opponent gets livebanned

Warzone 2 operators are taking to Ashika Island in Season 2.Activision

Warzone 2’s cheating problem has only got worse as Season 1 draws to a close. One player was facing off with a hacker in the final fight of the game and a timely liveban saved the day.

The Warzone 2 cheater influx is rivaling the peak of the original game. Whole lobbies are being disconnected from the server, ‘lagswitches’ are ruining easy gunfights, and the traditional auto-aim & wallhack combos never went completely away in the first place.

It’s a problem that Activision will inevitably have to intervene on to get things back under control eventually, but for now, it’s good to know that the anti-cheat is still catching some of the offenders before they can celebrate their unearned victories.

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Warzone 2 cheater gets livebanned seconds before winning a match

TikToker DyceTV was in an intense situation. The final circle was approaching and it was a 1v1 to win it all. He surveyed the surrounding area but had no luck finding the other player until a hail of bullets rained down on him and he ducked to plate up.

It didn’t take long for him to suspect the other player wasn’t playing fair, as a quick peak resulted in busted armor once again. “You don’t miss…this kid’s cheating.”

Though Dyce landed some great shots in their eventual gunfight, it wasn’t enough to get the knock. The cheater took him down and the only thing left to do was finish the kill.

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However, they weren’t quite fast enough and the Ricochet anti-cheat system intervened right on time. The cheater was booted out of the lobby, and Dyce was awarded the win.

It might not be fair compensation for all the other operators who died to the hacker, but at least the hand of justice redeemed the situation a little bit. As the cheating threat level keeps rising in Warzone 2, players are looking at the Season 2 update and hoping it brings some more relief.