Warzone 2 leak reveals Loadout Drops return with one major change

Warzone loadoutActivision

A new Warzone 2 leak appears to prove that custom Loadouts will be returning, giving players the chance to adjust and experiment with various weapons, Perks, and equipment. However, there is one major change.

A Warzone 2 Custom Loadouts leak has seemingly revealed that the iconic feature will be available in the upcoming BR game. This news comes after the developers had removed Loadouts, as evidenced during the Call of Duty Next event, a move that proved controversial amongst both casual and pro players.

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After all, it’s Warzone’s custom Loadouts that help to distinguish the game from other battle royale titles. Not only does it give players a lot more choice, but it can also lead to some incredibly exciting weapon metas and playstyles forming.

While custom Loadouts were completely removed during the early build of Warzone 2, new images have finally given us a glimpse of how this feature could look.

Warzone 2 custom Loadout leak

The leak comes via a Tweet published by Z League, a skill-based tournament platform that uploaded screenshots of Warzone 2’s custom Loadouts. In the images, we get to see both how both the Loadout drop screen looks and the interface when players interact with it.

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While Warzone’s 2 Loadout drops look identical to the original game, there is apparently set to be one major difference. According to renowned Call of Duty leaker, TheGhostOfHope, Warzone 2 Loadouts will be a free world drop, meaning that players won’t be able to purchase them.

If this news is true, then we expect there to be plenty of competition when it comes to securing your very own prized weapons. This is obviously a huge change from the original Warzone, where players can just purchase a custom Loadout drop from a nearby Buy Station once they have the appropriate funds.

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Of course, like all leaks, this news should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll be sure to update this section once Activisision gives official information. In the meantime, be sure to check out our CoD page for all the latest news and updates.

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