CoD leaker suggests Loadout Drops possibly removed from Warzone 2

Crazy Warzone Loadout Drop glitch drops hundreds of weaponsActivision

A Call of Duty leaker has suggested that Warzone 2 may not feature Loadout Drops, despite how popular they are in Warzone and how important they are to gameplay.

Loadout Drops became a defining feature in Warzone, separating it from other battle royale games as it allowed players to pick up weapons and custom classes they had set up beforehand, with different weapons and perks to play to their own style.

While there has always been a selection of ‘meta’ weapons that dominate across Warzone, be it Verdansk, Caldera, Rebirth Island, or Fortune’s Keep, loadouts at least allow players to be a bit more inventive over how they navigate the battlefield.

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That could all be about to end in Warzone 2, however, after a cryptic post from a leaker which many believe to mean Loadout Drops will no longer be in the sequel.

The post was short and sweet, simply featuring two emojis: a big, red X, and a box, but many believe that to be a clear indication that loadout drops will no longer feature, including top CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope.

Of course, a tweet this cryptic can’t be taken as concrete evidence, so as always take this with a pinch of salt, especially ahead of the CoD Next event which will give players their first look at the upcoming Call of Duty titles.

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If loadout drops really have been completely removed from the game, it will be interesting to see which new ways developers Infinity Ward come up with to separate Warzone 2 from the rest of the competition.

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