Warzone 2 hotfix addresses Ultimate Perk issues including High Alert bug

Brad Norton
Warzone 2 High Alert

Warzone 2’s latest hotfix just deployed on January 10 as Raven Software looked to stamp out any further Ultimate Perk issues, including arguably the most prevalent, the High Alert bug.

With the release of Warzone 2 came an entirely new Perk system. Rather than simply picking and running with your three preferred Perks like in the original CoD BR, the sequel flipped this trope on its head with a unique Perk Package system.

Here, the most powerful Perks, referred to as Ultimate Perks, are time-gated. This means you have to stay alive for a certain amount of time before gaining their effect. However, not all went to plan with this controversial system.

Alongside a steady wave of backlash for the change in design, the fact Ultimate Perks were often buggy only added to Raven Software’s headaches. Now a few months removed from launch and an update has been pushed to hopefully alleviate most of these problems, as the latest hotfix targeted Ultimate Perks on the whole.

The most recent hotfix rolled out on all platforms on January 10. Its sole focus being Ultimate Perks. Included under that umbrella and specified on social media was arguably the most problematic of them all, High Alert.

High Alert is designed to pulse when enemies are in your field of view. A subtle visual indicator to give you the edge in a gunfight if you happen to spot an opposing player in the distance. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in recent weeks as the Ultimate Perk failed to do exactly that. Much like how it failed to work properly in earlier intervals during Warzone 1 as well.

Moving forward, this particular gripe should be a thing of the past as the latest Warzone 2 hotfix restored the Perk to its former power.

Others in the Ultimate category like Ghost, Overclock, Survivor, and Birdseye should all now be functioning as intended too.

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