Warzone demon proves High Alert perk is “broken” with No Audio challenge

High Alert in Warzone PacficActivision

Warzone’s High Alert perk has fallen to the wayside in favor of its competitors in the Season 3 Reloaded but one notable demon-on-the-sticks has proven that it’s just as strong as ever after a wild No Audio challenge. 

For the last two years, Joseph ‘JoeWo’ Wohala has been a dominant force in the Warzone scene.

On top of regularly competing with the best players in the game, the 24-year-old streamer has also amassed over 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he attempts to help other players reach his skill level.

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In this edition, NRG’s resident demon explained that High Alert can absolutely be the difference maker when it comes to close Warzone games, and then showed off the footage to prove it.

JoeWo proves High Alert is one of Warzone’s best perks

Operator on the cover of Warzone PacificActivision
JoeWo hit Caldera to show off exactly how busted High Alert can be in the right hands.

In a June 12 video, JoeWo took on the challenge of winning a match while using High Alert, and to back up his claim about it being broken, the veteran streamer cut off his audio entirely.

Despite this, he was still able to rack up a 22 kill win while his precious headset laid in the floor behind his chair the entire time.

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It didn’t take long in the game for the perk’s benefits to start making a huge impact. Even in the first gunfight, he found himself stuck between two players who forced him to split his attention.

Thanks to the metaphorical safety blanket of High Alert though, it wasn’t too tough to know which enemy need to take priority and the Warzone demon clutched it out.

After collecting some plates off his fallen foes, Joe pointed out just how crucial the extra information was to staying alive

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“I can’t even lie, that saved me…like it saved me a lot,” he said.

There is still a downside to running the perk though, and it’s the same fatal flaw that Combat Scout suffers from: one player running Cold Blooded can put an end to your operation without much of a problem.

Of course, personal talent level can help make up some of that difference and Mr. Wo proved to be far too good to let that kind of inconvenience slow him down.

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By the end of the match, Joe walked away an even bigger believer than ever before and thinks other people should be jumping on this wave.