Warzone 2 guru reveals Kastov 762 loadout to dominate Ashika Island

YouTube: IceManIsaac

Warzone 2’s first Resurgence map is coming soon, and IceManIsaac revealed the best AR for short-range combat.

Activision revealed Ashika Island as a Resurgence map for Warzone 2, releasing on February 15. The small-scale environment is located on an undisclosed archipelago somewhere in the Asian Pacific.

Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD compared Resurgence map sizes and concluded Ashika Island is larger than Rebirth Island but slightly smaller than Fortune’s Keep. It’s important to take map size into account when building the right loadout.

The RPK has dominated Warzone 2’s meta on Al Mazrah, in part because the map favors long-range engagements. Al Mazrah’s dessert landscape perfectly suits large magazine LMGs that shred squads at long distances, but Resurgence requires an entirely different playstyle.

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IceManIsaac explains why you should use the Kastov 762 on Ashika Island

Kastov 762 Warzone 2Activison
The Kastov 762 is a hard-hitting AR in Warzone 2.

IceManIsaac broke down why the Kastov 762 suits Ashika Island’s environment more than the RPK.

“It is better than the RPK in so many ways, and I especially believe for the new Rebirth Resurgence where we need something faster and a little more mobile than the RPK. This will become the dominant meta.”

IceManIssac used data from sym.gg and discovered that the Kastov 762’s ADS movement speed is 1.9 ms compared to the RPK’s 2.6. He also learned both weapons have an extremely similar time-to-kill speed.

Diving deeper into the stats, the YouTuber shared more impressive Kastov 762 differences from the RPK. The AR’s reload speed is 2.69 seconds compared to 4.97 seconds, and the ADS time is 368ms compared to 473ms.

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The RPK does have an advantage of a 75-round magazine, but IceManIsaac argued 40 is more than enough for the type of gunfights players will engage in on Ashika Island.

“When we think about the small map island, yes, we may have some long-range engagements, but mostly it’s going to be really fast clearing out hallways and buildings.

Kastov 762 loadout

Here is IceManIsaac’s build with attachment tuning included.

  • Barrel: KAS-10 584mm Barrel (+0.40 Weight, -0.26 Length)
  • Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity (-0.32 Weight, -5.32 Load)
  • Magazine: 40-Round Mag
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4 (-2.32 Weight, -1.65 Eye Position)

The YouTuber recommends using the Ole-V laser instead of a Lockgrip Precision-40 grip because this build is all about increasing mobility.

Make sure to level up the Kastov 762 in time for Ashika Island’s February 15 release date.

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