Warzone 2 guru claims the Cronen Squall battle rifle is “absolutely broken”

Ryan Lemay

Warzone 2 expert JGOD explained a unique characteristic that makes the Cronen Squall battle rifle lethal at all ranges.

Infinity Ward introduced the Cronen Squall at the start of Season 3, and it immediately became a meta weapon. The hard-hitting battle rifle feels like an AR thanks to its fully automatic capability, but it also acts as a rifle in single-fire mode.

According to WZRanked, the Cronen Squall is the fifth most popular weapon in Warzone 2, and the growing number of fans doesn’t surprise JGOD.

Is the Cronen Squall the best weapon in Warzone 2?

JGOD used data from TrueGameData to explain what makes the Cronen Squall so “broken and unique” compared to other weapons in the game.

The YouTuber compared the battle rifle’s time-to-kill speed to the ISO Hemlock, Lachmann 556, and Kastov 762.

“Up close, the fully automatic Cronen Squall is absolutely broken. This is like an SMG level meta TTK comparable to the Vaznev, and Lachmann Sub.”

Both meta SMGS have a TTK of around 540 milliseconds, and the Cronen Squall has a TTK of 579 up to 42 meters away, which JGOD called “absurd.”

JGOD admitted that this weapon suffers at longer ranges because of its difficult-to-control recoil compared to other long-range meta weapons.

The YouTuber looked at the weapon’s fully automatic recoil pattern and discovered that it goes up and to the left instead of up and to the right like most other ARs.

In single fire, the Cronen Squall’s recoil pattern barely moves at all, and its TTK still competes with most other long-range meta options.

“That’s what makes this incredibly broken is the option semi-auto being so powerful and removing most of the recoil, and this covers up a glaring issue,” he added.

A devastating combination of both fire types makes this a must-use weapon in Warzone 2 and Ranked Play.