Warzone 2 expert reveals powerful attachment nobody uses but should

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Warzone 2 guru Sally is a Dog has highlighted an optic that nobody is using but is just as good as the meta Aim OP-V4 choice, if not better in certain situations. 

When Warzone 2 first launched, it took a few weeks for a meta to fully flesh out. Players were trying to use pretty much every weapon at first, never mind settling on the correct tunings for them. 

As of now, the meta is dominated by the likes of the Vaznev-9K and Cronen Squall, with loadouts for both consisting of pretty similar attachments. 

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In the case of the Cronen, the majority of players have chosen to run with the Aim OP-V4 sight. It’s a popular attachment for many other guns too, but should it really be the dominant and go-to optic in Warzone 2?

Slept-on Warzone 2 optic matches meta Aim OP-V4 pick

Well, YouTuber Sally is a Dog highlighted a different scope that is barely being used, but is just as good as the OP-V4 – and that is the SZ Recharge-DX.

“It’s got a very clean sight picture and I think gives about the same visual recoil as the Aim OP-V4,” the Warzone 2 expert said in his May 1 video, noting that players scrambled to use the OP-V4 because it just became the consensus pick for an optic. 

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After using it in a game, the YouTuber added that the sight is “just as good” as the OP-V4 but has a “larger” area of view, which would be a bonus in gunfights contested over distance. 

Given that the OP-V4 has become the consensus pick, it will be tough to dethrone it anytime soon. 

As we’ve seen previously in Warzone, optic attachments only really change if something becomes broken. Though, the SZ Recharge-DX is certainly worth giving a spin.

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