“OP” Warzone 2 attachment makes SMGs dominate more than ever

Connor Bennett
Female Warzone 2 character holding SMG up in hands

A Warzone 2 expert has revealed an attachment that everyone needs to use on SMGs, as it makes them even more “OP” than usual. 

While some Call of Duty players would rather have some of the classic Create a Class options back, Warzone 2 has allowed them to customize their weapons in more ways than ever before. 

The additional gun tuning lets you really hone in on one specific use for your gun, as you can go all out on nullifying recoil, or sacrificing control for the best possible fire rate and damage dealing. 

To get the best possible results, you have got to do a bit of experimenting with attachments, just to see what fits you best. If you’re a dedicated SMG player, you might want to scrap your favorite magazine or ammunition attachment though, as there is an underrated one that makes the weapons even more “OP”.

Warzone 2 attachment makes SMGs even more “OP” than normal

Warzone YouTuber Metaphor highlighted the simple switch-up in his March 28 video, focusing on the popular Vaznev 9K – even though the attachment can be used on any SMG. 

The attachment in question is the Overpressured Rounds. “What this does is it actually lets you juice this out on the tunings for max bullet velocity and damage range and you actually don’t even feel the side effects of losing the recoil,” he said. “You should be running this on every SMG.”

Metaphor noted that the attachment is “OP” and that he’s been having plenty of success when using it, constantly racking up high-kill games since making the switch. 

Timestamp of 0:30

The attachment doesn’t have any listed ‘cons’ when you select it, and does have the bonus of an additional flinch when a bullet hits its target.

Of course, if it gets too out of hand, the devs might have to step in and make a change. But, for now, the SMGs are back in the spotlight and its worth trying.