Warzone 2 expert explains why you are probably tuning weapons wrong

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At first glance, weapon tuning appears extremely convoluted, but CoD YouTuber WhosImmortal revealed how to utilize tuning properly.

Modern Warfare 2 revamped CoD’s Gunsmith. Weapons in CoD Vanguard had 10 attachments, making it an absolute nightmare to mix and match until finally achieving balance. MW2 simplified editing weapons, cutting it down to five attachments, but added an extra layer of nuance with weapon tuning.

Infinity Ward temporarily disabled weapon tuning just a few days after MW2’s launch and reintroduced it around a week later. Lack of coverage and a temporary removal made weapon tuning an afterthought in the minds of some community members, but players are beginning to see the feature’s untapped potential.

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Weapon tuning allows players to customize weapon attachments and alter their attributes. If done correctly, the new system is a game changer for Warzone 2 loadouts, and WhosImmortal gave a full rundown.

WhosImmortal breaks weapon tuning


To unlock weapon tuning you need to reach the weapon’s max level. From there, you will see a Tune button above-equipped attachments, where you will find a radar graph and two adjustable slider bars.

For example, the image above shows a slider that can be adjusted to improve recoil stabilization or ADS speed, depending on how you want to use the weapon.

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Some content creators have suggested maxing out ADS speed, for example, on attachments in loadout videos, but WhosImmortal advised against that in his latest YouTube video.

“Things are not linear when you are going up and down and left or right. Meaning if you go all the way up, it doesn’t mean you are getting the most recoil. Or going all the way to the right doesn’t mean you are getting the best range.”

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WhosImmortal claimed “every attachment has a different sweet spot,” and players need to use the graph to find the best settings.

The YouTuber explained that you are actually doing more harm than good if you decrease stats in favor of others. For example, if you increase an attachment’s accuracy, move the slider until the radar graph moves inwards for other categories.

Keep these steps in mind when making your next Warzone 2 loadout.

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