Warzone 2 data expert explains why you are using battle rifles wrong


Battle rifles don’t get a lot of love in Warzone 2, but YouTuber TrueGameData revealed a trick to make the class viable.

Warzone 2’s second season begins on February 15. We got an early look at what’s coming, but the developers have not yet tipped their hand on an impending weapon balance update. Historically, the battle royale’s meta drastically changes after a seasonal update, forcing players to find the next best thing.

It’s certainly no mystery that most players use either an RPK or Fennec in the current meta, and community members expect a nerf to both popular choices. LMGs, ARs, and SMGs will still be the three go-to classes no matter what the balancing update does, but that doesn’t mean other classes can’t be just as viable.

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Battle rifles are a new class in Modern Warfare 2, serving as a hybrid between an AR and a marksman rifle. Al Mazrah’s desert environment perfectly suits this new category, but most players haven’t come around yet.

TrueGameData explains toggle fire damage profiles

EBR-14 Warzone 2 loadoutActivison
The EBR-14 packs a punch in Warzone 2.

Using data from sym.gg and TrueGameData, the YouTuber compared damage profiles for battle rifles in single-fire and auto-fire modes.

Most battle rifles, besides a few exceptions, have a default single fire. TrueGameData explained why you should change to auto-fire for the Lachman-762, SO-14, TAQ-V, and FTAC Recon in close-range combat.

“For the vast majority of these single-fire weapons, they are trying to reward precision when you use single fire, so you get much more headshot damage in general and more consistent body damage on automatic.”

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TrueGameData elaborated, “up close, anywhere inside 40-50 meters, you are always going to want to be on the full auto mode for the TAQ-V, and any of these guns because the time to kill is going to be effectively much faster unless you can hit headshots and be very precise.

You can watch the full YouTube video for individual damage profile stats and time-to-kill speeds. The next time you pick up a battle rifle as ground loot or create a loadout, press b on PC or left D-pad on console to change the weapon’s fire mode when needed.