Warzone 2 players warned of Black Site crashing the game completely

Warzone 2 operators at a Black SiteActivision

Warzone 2 players are suffering through frequent lobby crashes in Al Mazrah, and after a lot of playing, streamers such as Swagg and Aydan believe a particular Black Site might be causing it.

Warzone has not been without its issues since launch, and that is no different with Warzone 2. Bugs and glitches are to be expected in any game, but these can be especially frustrating in games like Call of Duty, where you can spend 30 minutes grinding for a win just to lose to something particularly frustrating like the unlimited Gas Mask glitch.

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After mass reports of AI causing lobbies to crash during World Series of Warzone qualifiers, causing Activision to delay the tournament while they work on a fix, it appears something else is making lobbies crash now.

Downtown Black Site causing crashes

According to both Swagg and Aydan, one particular Black Site is causing games to crash completely, which is especially frustrating in Ranked Play. Both players have attributed these crashes to the Black Site in downtown, as Al Mazrah City becomes impossible to play once players complete it.

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This is obviously a huge issue if accurate, and definitely, something developers Raven Software will want to look into to get fixed as soon as possible.

For now, though, we would advise avoiding this Black Site in particular — and prepare to be annoyed if you see players going to complete it.

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