Viral Warzone TikTok reveals secret Rebirth Island room with god-tier loot & free blueprint

Theo Salaun
warzone rebirth island room easter egg viral tiktok

Call of Duty: Warzone fans on Rebirth Island have had their minds blown by a new viral TikTok which shows how you can access a secret easter egg room where you can secure incredible loot and a free blueprint.

Rebirth Island is the smallest Warzone map around and within its waves of densely packed chaos lies hidden treasure. Like the original Verdansk’s code-locked bunkers, there’s a secret chamber with tons of goodies on the little isle of mayhem.

As revealed in a now-viral TikTok with hundreds of thousands of views, a room in Rebirth’s Headquarters area can be accessed and, once inside, there’s loot aplenty. From gold chests and Specialist Tokens to kill-streaks and a legendary blueprint, the room has it all.

While some people already knew about the locked room, many did not, and even fewer knew how worthwhile it was. We’ve explained how to open the yellow door in the past, but TikTok’s ‘biggringg’ shows just how much it has in store.

Rebirth Island’s secret easter egg room

Like some sort of CoD Robin Hood or Rebirth Island sherpa, biggringg leads viewers to a promised land filled with glorious loot.

But you can’t use the code that they do, as opening the door requires a number of steps — all of which we’ve explained in our aforementioned guide.

Once inside, biggringg’s squad showed just how much loot you can secure — with thousands upon thousands of dollars, alongside goodies like a Gold Gas Mask, Specialist Token, and, perhaps most enticingly, a legendary blueprint of the Milano SMG.

Warzone bunker
Rebirth Island has a secret bunker that requires a passcode to get inside.

While this room may not be a secret to many, as it’s been around for months, it’s still shocked millions of viewers on TikTok.

And, for those who may have missed its reveal back then — or perhaps for those who are simply now nostalgic for easter eggs and bunkers, the video is most certainly intriguing. The Milano remains a quality SMG, so there’s reason to finally take a crack at this.