Warzone streamer reveals the fastest & silliest way to get double-digit kills

Theo Salaun
warzone streamer get double digit kills easy fast

Getting kills in Call of Duty: Warzone is not the easiest of tasks, but there may be a cheap workaround. Twitch streamer OPMarked demonstrated the simplest, fastest, and possibly stupidest way you can break a PR with ease.

There are 150 players in the standard Warzone lobby and, by the time that number drops down to 120, blood has been shed across Verdansk. But OPMarked is a veteran player and he’s figured out how you can take advantage of the early-game chaos.

This method requires a mix of luck and skill, leaned very, very heavily toward the former. All you really need is to be blessed with a distracted lobby.

As many Warzone players might know, you can get easy kills by taking advantage of players that are AFK (away from keyboard). As OPMarked shows, you can get off to a PR (personal record) start if you combine that strat with a helicopter.

In his clip, you can see that OP gets the chopper while there are about 127 players left in the lobby — a reasonable number given how far away from the circle he seems to be.

Then, he swoops toward the end of the plane’s initial drop flight path, finding a big cluster of players who aren’t playing for some reason. Within moments, as only a couple of the players finally realize they’re in game, OPMarked has secured… 13 kills.

Warzone airport tower helicopter
Helicopters aren’t just used for transportation in Verdansk.

The average Warzone player’s K/D (kill-death ratio) is around 1.0, so it’s definitely wild to get double-digit kills before the game’s even halfway done, let alone before you’ve been touched with a bullet.

Of course, this method relies heavily on luck and can’t be guaranteed every single match. With 150 players and no ranked mode though, it’s not uncommon for some to get distracted and miss their drop.

The skill side of it is relatively simple: you just need to be able to get to a helicopter with speed. That requires practice, as many of Verdansk’s best players have perfected chopper drops. But, while you can get kills by dropping in on AFK players normally, the speediest way to do it is with some heli blades.