CDL MVP Shotzzy uses nutty movement to convince Warzone duo he’s actually a pro

warzone shotzzy cdl mvp pro show movement convince teammateActivision / Call of Duty League

Shotzzy is one of the Call of Duty League’s best players, but that doesn’t mean much in Warzone. So the 2020 MVP found some ingenious ways, including his signature movement, to prove to a random teammate that he’s actually a pro.

If you’ve followed competitive CoD at all over the past two years, you probably know Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro by name, face, and, of course, playstyle. The former Halo beast switched games and earned CDL MVP in his rookie season on the Dallas Empire. 

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If you haven’t followed competitive CoD over the past two years, you might not know who Shotzzy is. And, unsurprisingly, many of Warzone’s millions of players fall in that camp.

So, stuck in an offseason while waiting for Vanguard’s release, Shotzzy has returned to Verdansk. And, teamed with randoms who don’t know who he is, the 20-year-old decided to prove himself with some unique methods.

As you can see in the clip, Shotzzy wants to show his teammate that they’re actually playing with a pro player. So he does so in a way only he could pull off.

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By returning to Verdansk, the former MVP also returned to the Modern Warfare engine whose mobility mechanics he once pioneered. He knows that, we know that, and after getting his teammate to watch a doorway, a random Warzone player now knows that.

The guy really made his teammate center on a door, told him “look at this s**t,” and proceeded to jump, slide, and fly at him as evidence. But he wasn’t done yet, as he then took them outside to introduce himself and his former teammates — who all have championship banners on Verdansk’s Stadium.

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A CDL MVP by day and a CDL PR person by night, Shotzzy really pulled out all the stops to convince his teammate. And Twitter loved it, with people cracking up and professing their love for the pro in caps-locked glory.

The story has a feel-good ending too, as the salaried CoD star wasn’t satisfied with their game and… continued to play together for hours on end. Eventually, making friends with other randoms along the way, Shotzzy and his motley crew secured a win in Rebirth Island.

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